We Integrate where You Work


Using explicitly limited permissions, we can use email metadata (such as to and from fields) to understand time taken to communicate with external parties. Instant integration with Google's G Suite and Outlook.


Retain is able to look at meeting information to see how much in-person time is spent with external parties. Retain will only look at meetings that are visible to all employees of an organization, never private meetings. Instant integration with Google's G Suite and Outlook.


Many companies have internal “Admin” dashboards used to administer clients or partners. Retain provides a Google Analytics-like code snippets that can be easily dropped into any admin page to attribute time spent internally to clients or partners.


​In some cases it is useful to understand not just the time but also the cost and seniority associated with a particular client or vendor interaction. HRIS data can be used to identify factors like seniority, salary, and function of an interaction. Available integrations include Workday, BambooHR, and Excel Spreadsheets.

Ticketing System

​Attribute the time spent supporting customer requests. Supported ticketing platforms include Zendesk, JIRA, and others.


​Tie your team effort to revenue with our CRM integration. Instant integration with Salesforce.

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