Customers consuming the most time and resources aren't the ones paying you the most

Customers aren't created equal

Focus your efforts on the most important customers and the highest value activities for your business.

Decisions backed by data

Use accurate data to support your most important business decisions - don't rely on averages and gut feelings.

Insights in moments, not months

Integrate your applications and view insights on your customers in minutes. No complex implementation required.

Cost-to-Serve analytics built for customer facing executives
Perform complex analysis on your customers and get answers in minutes with artificial intelligence backed by enterprise grade security.

Cost-to-serve analytics answers your questions about how much time and resources are spent on individual customers using data from the tools and applications you already use.

Connect your applications

Connect the applications where you spend time with customers. Email and Calendar are a great place to start.

View all of our integrations.

AI does the heavy lifting

Customer data comes from many different sources. Our AI stitches this data together to create an interaction mosaic for each individual customer.

Monitor your customers

Instantly view which customers consume the most - and least - time so you can make informed business decisions with accurate data.


Integrations for every touch point integrates with the tools your team already uses to understand how time is spent with individual customers without relying on employee self reporting. Get the cost-to-serve data you want while freeing your team to actually service your customers.

*Many integrations go live in 60 seconds and don't require complex configuration

Proven Results

Increase Revenue

Charge more to your most time and resource consuming customers.

Optimize Pricing

Set price floors and charge more to the customers who consume the most employee time.

Eliminate Time Tracking

Get the data you want without the hassle of manual, self-reported time tracking.


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