Customers consuming the most time and resources aren't the ones paying you the most

Customers aren't created equal

Focus your team's efforts on the most important customers and the highest value activities for your business.

Decisions backed by data

Use accurate data to support your most important business decisions - don't rely on averages and gut feelings.

Automated customer insights

No more manual reporting. Leverage data to automatically measure the cost to serve individual customers.

Cost to serve analytics built for customer facing teams
Automatically get a 360 degree view of the cost to service and support your customers

Integrations for every touch point

Retain integrates with the tools your team already uses to understand how time is spent with individual customers without relying on employee self reporting. Get the cost-to-serve data you want while freeing your team to service your customers.


Proven Results

Optimize Pricing

Increase revenue on your most expensive, time-consuming customers

Allocate Resources

Dynamically allocation resources based on your team's current utilization

Segment Customers

Measure engagement differentiations between different types of customers


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Chief Customer Officer

"With Retain, I get access to data that will allow my team to grow and accomplish more than they have had before."

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